Anika Vervecken

Accessibility and Engagement

Anika is a white settler born in Belgium. Her work testifies to an ongoing pursuit of new ways to invite people to experience and participate in the arts for which she has had a passion, (especially performing arts) for as long as she can remember. Be it through her work and research in surtitles, as a live describer in theatre, a training facilitator or access connector, she has been a champion and leader who continually questions how we invite people into arts spaces. Her creative approach combined with a passion for challenging the norm has led to many new initiatives, access resources and programs rooted in the values of the organization, based on the actual needs of community members and supported by well thought-out practical structures. She is excited to share her experience in the arts and festivals to support the MENA Film Festival and ensure we create new spaces and opportunities for equity owed voices.

She works both locally, nationally and internationally with organizations and artists such as the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver Recital Society, VocalEye, Axis Theatre, Revolver Festival, Kidd Pivot, Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussel, Peter Brook in Paris, and CDN d’Orleans in France amongst others. Another ongoing passion is working with people with lived experience, supporting them to develop their skills and careers as consultants.

Anika balances her career with life as a single mother living with ADHD and brain injury while supporting a Deaf man with a developmental disability.