In Support of Palestine – Accounts, Background and Media (2023 Update)

MENA dedicates this page to share resources and humanitarian funds for the ongoing resistance movement against occupied Palestinian territory in Gaza and the West Bank. This is an updated version of our regular resource page in light of the events of October 2023. The situation is very fluid and we will do our best to maintain this page with updated links to educate ourselves and gain a wider perspective of the struggles where we can.

We hope the following links will help some of our family in the Middle Eastern and North African diaspora orient themselves around the important discussions happening in this very tense moment, and pray with those who are losing their lives for simply existing in their own homes.

UPDATE: A close friend of MENA is matching donations made to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and Medical Aid for Palestine (see below). Please send receipts of donations to and make sure to hide all personal identifying information (PII) and we will respond with a receipt of the matching donation for transparency.

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