MENA partners with VIFF, iSAFF & GEMS this September!

September has been exciting as we continue to expand our community by partnering with Vancouver International Film Festival, International South Asian Film Festival and Gender Equity in Media Film Festival. Read on for exclusive discount codes!

We started this month by hosting our first cultural concert in Vancouver with headliners TootArd. It was SOLD OUT night filled with music, laughter, dance and togetherness.

The Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, which ran from September 7-17th was also a highly celebrated local event wherein we co-sponsored "Rethinking Indegenous Films."

42nd Vancouver International Film Festival

The 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival will run from September 28th – October 8th and we're proud sponsor two new films from the MENA/SWANA region.

THE MOTHER OF ALL LIES plays Thursday, September 28 and Tuesday, October 3. Asmae El moudir traverses her experiences in Casablanca where her family is preparing to leave their home where they’ve lived for decades. During this, she probes the past, unraveling repressed truths buried within her own family and Moroccan political history.

19B, playing Friday and Sunday, October 6 and 8, portrays a lonesome property guard’s life in Cairo, where he tends to a run-down villa long since- vacated by its affluent owners. His peaceful little world is overturned when an ex-convict occupies the property, forcing the old man to confront his sorrows.

You can get $5 off on MENA Sponsored tickets by using codes - VF23MNMOL1 for The Mother of All Lies, and VF23MN19B5 for 19B.

Gender Equity in Media Festival Application Extension

We're happy to announce that the filmmaking grant deadline for the GEM Fest has been extended to October 15th. We're taking this opportunity to offer discount code "CPGEMS25" for 25 per cent off applications for women and gender diverse filmmakers in our network.

iSAFF 2023 Starts Tomorrow!

The 2023 International South Asian Film Festival runs from Septembr 28th to October 1st in Surrey, BC. With "Pathbreakers" as its theme this year, the festival showcases six feature films, four documentaries, and over 30 short films along with dynamic industry events and innovative initiatives.

Our readers receive a 25 per cent discount on all tickets to iSAFF films with the code "RBC25."

We hope you enjoy a great last days of this film festival season!

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