Happy Asian Heritage Month + DOXA Film Festival starts this week!

DOXA Documentary Film Festival is back, with screenings of the best international docs from May 4-14, 2023 in theaters across downtown Vancouver

MENA Film Festival is excited to help bring to the screen Silent House as part the 2023 DOXA Documentary Film Festival! Silent House tells the saga of three familial generations in Tehran as chronicled through a cinematic history of the house that shaped their lives.

We are giving away a pair of tickets for MENA's co-presentation of the in-person screening of Silent House. Check out our MENA’s Instagram page to find out how to enter the FREE draw!

Catch Silent House on Saturday May 6 at The Cinematheque and throughout the festival run online

May is Asian Heritage Month!

At MENA we continuously strive to highlight the region that is most commonly known as "Middle East", otherwise referred to as Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA).

Follow MENA online and via social media to find out how we lift up the identities and experiences of the land and its diaspora today and throughout the year!

Happy Asian-AAPI Heritage month to our sisters and brothers, here and throughtout the region.

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