Black Lives Matter – Accounts, Media and Other Resources for the MENA Community

In an effort to highlight activities, resources and conversations taking place around the current movement for Black lives and anti-racism, MENA Film Festival hopes the following links will help some of our family in the Middle Eastern and North African diaspora orient themselves around the important discussions happening in this very tense moment.

While we can't always be on the frontlines, we can honour those putting their futures and bodies on the line by educating ourselves and gain a wider perspective of the struggles for basic human rights happening in our geographic neighbourhood.

Social media accounts

  • Black Lives Matter Vancouver for up-to-date listing of events of BLM solidarity events happening in Vancouver, BC.
  • Black Lives Matter Toronto for the national ally network based in Toronto.
  • Rana for nodes of activism and dialogue in the pan-Arabic community in both Arabic and English.
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied – information and commentary from writer, activist and public figure from her perspective as a Sudanese expatriate in the UK.
  • ljeoma Oluo author of So You Want To Talk About Race.



  • Call to action for reducing and defunding the Vancouver Police Department's 2020 opetating budget in defence of black and indigenous bodies that have at the hands of local polce forces fo decades.
  • Petitions directly related to BLM victims, protests and organizations (police departments etc.) perpetuating oppression.

Films, writing and other media

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