2023 Earthquake in Turkey, Syria and Lebanon – background material, information pages and aid resources

On Monday, February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the populated border region of southeast Turkey, parts of northern Lebanon, and Syria’s northwestern region already struggling a decade of conflict, including large portions of Aleppo and northern Idlib. The area is subject to continued aftershocks that register in the 6- and 7-magnitude scale.

As an organization representing the art and culture of the region, we can’t ignore such tragedies when they occur or deny the impacts of war and western interventionism that aggravate their effect. 

Although we’ll continue to make sure we update ourselves on the details as they emerge, we share below some resources amplifying the voices from the ground, as well as those local and non-profit efforts to make sure aid gets where it’s needed. We endeavour to keep the list up-to-date. Where you see inaccuracies or resources we may have missed, please let us know at info@menafilmfestival.com

Social media accounts

  • Resources for how to help the affected regions from abroad, by glblctzn.
  • Middle East Matters, current affairs page from the MENA/SWANA region currently focused on the humanitarian response to the earthquake.


  • help turkey vancouver is receiving monetary as well as non-perishable donations of food, clothing and hygienic materials for delivery to affected regions in Turkey

News sources

  • Al Jazeera’s live coverage on the ground in Turkey, Syria and international responses

Petitions & Fundraising


Social and scientific explainer of the earthquakes and their aftermath, by BBC

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