Nadia Emam

Nadia is a British-Egyptian writer, director and actor based in Sheffield where she works in film and theatre. She works extensively with young people as a facilitator and creative mentor. Nadia recently moved into filmmaking with performance poetry, the first of her films won the WEX Short Film Competition in 2019. Her short comedy sketch ‘Glum’ came second runner-up in the NouveauRiche Monologue Competition in 2020. She then went on to write and direct her first short film ‘There are Lights’ produced by Candle and Bell, funded by BFI Network in 2021.

Works showcased at MENA:

There Are Lights
An Egyptian teenager in Whitby is fascinated with the story of Dracula as an escape from her overbearing father. On Halloween night, the two finally have to confront their differences.