Muhammad Elaskary

This movie started its journey inside me from 2010, all my friends separated from me, and in 2011, specifically, a revolution January 25th I am preparing to participate in street protests against injustice in Egypt.

My mother is breaking her leg in the morning at home for the fifth time in the same place as a result of osteoporosis and at that time I could not participate. And after the surgery, all the revolutionaries were in Tahrir Square, and all the residents of the houses went outside their homes to protect their homes while I was sitting with my mom alone.

At that time, I felt lonely for the second time, and during this time, I listened to the songs of Palestinian singer Camilia Jubran, and through her songs, I started writing the script 2015 And inside me one question: 'Can I see my mom again after her death?'

Works showcased at MENA:

Time to Rebuild AKA Wanabni