Juman Tamimi

Born and raised in occupied Palestine, Juman has been an independent filmmaker and street photographer since 2018, highly interested in human rights, mental health, and the human experience among and regardless of all contexts. As an independent artist with a first degree in Social Sciences, Juman was highly exposed to the humanitarian field through her work with different NGOs for refugees, women, scholars, prisoners, and children; in Palestine, Germany, andIreland. Therefore, she has been close enough to narratives of exile, migration, loss, grief, mental health disorders, childhood traumas and social/political pressure. As a filmmaker, Juman aspires to be able to reflect the human experience and narrate the different stories and people she’s got to meet and know throughout the way. As part of her MA in Creative Practice, Juman was able to produce her latest film Beyond Exile in 2021. Since 2019, Juman has contributed to the making of 10 different short films, in which she has filled roles as scriptwriter, director, assistant director, cinematographer, co-cinematographer, editor, co-editor, and producer. Examples of the key films she made or contributed to are Unqualified (2019), Unfinished (2019), Taste ofFreedom (2020), Pay attention (2020), and of course Beyond Exile(2021).

Works showcased at MENA:

Beyond Exile
The Israeli invasion on Gaza in May 2021 has left Nadine, a Palestinian graduate based in Ireland, feeling distressed after losing all means of communication with her family back home.