Firas Abou Fakher

Firas Abou Fakher is a director, writer, and composer. His work as part of Mashrou’ Leila has earned him accolades and awards across the world. CNN called his band “the voice of their generation”.His compositions for Film, Sound Installations, and VR experiences have generated a narrative thinking in his music, and his deep-rooted love for Arabstory-tellling brought him to founding Last Floor productions.

At Last Floor Productions, he co-createdAl Shak and Fixer and served as creative producer on projects for Apple and theV&A.

He is a member of the Recording AcademyNew York chapter.

Works showcased at MENA:

It Gets Darker
After feeling like a stranger in his own country, Firas, a nine-year-old Jordanian-Lebanese boy, goes to extreme lengths to finally fit in.