Daniyal Mahmoudnia

I was born in 1993 in Iran. And with the movie "when everyone was asleep" that was directed by Fereydoon hasanpoor, I begun my career in movie industry which was quite charming and very interesting and humanitarian for me in the age of 11. And after that I continued my career with some of TV shows like " Above the sky", "Bright Shadow", and with two other TV series, "Blossoms of Rain" as the protagonist and " forgotten".

Then I played in the movies: "Address","me and ziba" . And after a little while being off the screen, I came back with the movie "Gozar Az Ranjha" I entered to the Assistant Director profession and then I played in the movies "Tahchin" and "Autumn" and I was in several TV series and films and short films and I gained experience in other movies like
Avaz Gonjeshkha
Gery Bass (Wait a Moment)
Gozar Az Meh
Zalava (Winner of an award at the Venice Film Festival)

And the short film "Paper God" which is my first experience as a Director.

Works showcased at MENA:

paper GOD
Hope and fantasy enfold this tale of childhood and becoming.