Daniel Habib

Daniel Habib is a writer, producer, and director from Beirut, Lebanon who started his career in 2011 as the lead writer on the second season of the critically acclaimed series "Beirut, I LoveYou". In 2013, he co-founded and managed Heyoka Media, a digital production house specializing in non-fiction alternative Arabic content across multiple platforms and formats. He now dedicates his time leading a team of writers developing original Arab Genre fiction as the head writer andco-founder of Last Floor Productions. He also teaches Scriptwriting at theLebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) and acts as a consultant for the MBC SHAHID streaming platform.



Works showcased at MENA:

It Gets Darker
After feeling like a stranger in his own country, Firas, a nine-year-old Jordanian-Lebanese boy, goes to extreme lengths to finally fit in.