Ali Dekmak

Ali Dekmak is a 26-year-old filmmaker. He studied Radio & TV and aspires to continue his journey by pursuing his Masters's in Art Direction. He is quite passionate about Cinema, ever since he was young, to the point that he would skip class, jump over the school walls, and head to the movie theatre right next to it. Cinema is like his own therapeutic experience that roots him to keep going on in this life because he can express what he feels and then visualize it which in part allows viewers to live his own experience. Ali has a very intense imagination and sensibility that found a way to express itself through scriptwriting & directing; a wonderful emotion that he feels when he creates people brings them to life and even kills them... just Like Zeus... The Father and the king of Olympus... He used to do that with his childhood toys; giving them names, stories, a past, and a real-life of their own, and has now transitioned to applying his creativity to films. He joined Loyac's film camp for the second year, this time as a writer/director and editor on the film "Tamouzi", which is based on a true story that happened to him in 2006. He needed to share this experience authentically, with viewers from all around the world, and offer his perception of the tragic 2006 war in Lebanon.

Works showcased at MENA: