Mivan Makia

Mivan Makia is an Iraqi-Kurdish filmmaker, documentary photographer, and researcher based between Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

Interested in self-portraiture and middle eastern cultural expression, the process in both her independent and commissioned work rely on research, experimentation and interdisciplinary studies. Using a practice that links identity and space, her work is concerned with the ever fluctuating perspective of being a transient body.

She holds a BFA in Film Production and has six years of experience in the film industry, both independent and commercial. Makia has exhibited her work in shows as well as screenings internationally including Canada, USA, England, France, and the UAE.

Works showcased at MENA:

where we are is always too far away.
An auto-portrait presenting linear and nonlinear spaces as a transient body. Shifting between movement and stillness, time speeds up, slows down, and gets lost in the landscapes of memory.