Jasmine Hawamdeh


Jasmine Hawamdeh (she/her) is an independent artist and communications specialist who grew up between the great cities of New York and Toronto. As an independent artist, Jasmine explores the relationship between the arts, advocacy, policy, and politics. She has explored those avenues through her art and extensive experience engaging with community members through her various roles in the non-profit sector. Jasmine is a firm believer that artists are natural-born advocates who have the power to humanize statistics, tell a story on a canvas, and recode the mental maps that people project into the world.

She currently sits on the boards of Platform and Jasad, two organizations committed to improving women's livelihoods, one through civic engagement and the other through dance. In her free time, Jasmine loves to listen to music, watch sports, and connect with friends! She enjoys networking and speaking to new people in English, Arabic, or French, so feel free to connect with her via Instagram or send her a note through her website at jashawamdeh.com!